A chat with Jilly Sherlock on the adventure so far and what’s next!

On Saturday 9th April 2011 at 11.12am Jilly Sherlock set off from Felixstowe on a heavily laden bike ‘heading East’ – on 9th November, 7 months to the day since leaving, she arrived in China having cycled a whopping 9955km with at least 60000m of


Clarification and Friendship – Thank you. (@sm2n @NickHollowayVox @TimmySimms @syzygy et al)

Do we ‘need’ more than 5 minutes to boo?

Boo physics, etiquette and categories? (@sm2n, @nickhollowayvox, @pewari)

Audiomo11: Day 26/27 – Shopping and feeling my age.

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