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Using voice on mobile to ‘write’ a blog post

I thought I would try and post a blog entry using voice only on my android mobile phone. I am using the Superious app for this test and instead of typing my blog entry I am using voice on android to record it instead.

I am hoping this will be easier in the long run than trying to type any blog post using a mobile phone. As I have given my laptop to my son as a Christmas present I only have my mobile phone to access the Internet and do any blog posts etcetra.

What you are reading here is my voice transcribed through the android voice function on my Galaxy S1. The accuracy is very good and I am able to record quite long sentences at a time without too many errors.

I have noticed that the more you use voice on android the more accurate it becomes and longer sentences are able to be spoken and subsequently transcribed by the app into text. Also the more you use voice on android the more naturally you can speak into the app.

So far I am very impressed using voice only to post a blog entry and except for a few minor niggles such as it doesn’t capitalise automatically nor add punctuation I think I will persevere with it.

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