Portable Energy

Manual Power


Kinetic Power


Wind Power


Solar Power


Portable energy!

Something i often find when out on a hike , a wild camp or pilgrimage is that my mobile phone/GPS/camera etc always runs out of battery power before i have a chance to recharge them! And sometimes, when stuck in the ‘wilds’ there simply isn’t anywhere to ‘plug in’ to top up my device batteries.

Above are links to various green products that use manual, kinetic, wind or solar energy to produce power for your various mobile electronic devices and details of the various options available are found in the links.

 I have recently been looking into Portable Power – a way to take extra juice for my devices with me without it adding too much to the weight of my back-pack. If  i could find some means to recharge my batteries over a couple of days without having to find a mains socket (something which is impossible in the wilds of Scotland or Dartmoor for example) then my desire to Tweet, Text, Phone, take pictures, upload my GPS co-ordinates to Viewranger and SocialHiking and update my blog will be satisfied.

Below are links to Batteries, Battery Chargers and Battery Adapters that take the batteries to power your device as an alternative or complimentary option to green products.




Battery Adapter

Battery Adapter




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